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The language of bribery, and the challenge of anti-corruption communications. A real-world story. Part 1
September 27, 2017 SYSTRAN
For our first Podcast series, we cover FCPA compliance with a special guest, Richard Bistrong who spent 14 months in prison for violating FCPA regulations. We talk to him about how he wound up on the slippery slope of bribery, what it looked like, and how many people can easily end up violating laws without meaning to do so. What does SYSTRAN have to do with FCPA compliance? 50% of bribery happens overseas and compliance programs and software are made to evaluate and analyze data in English. However, much of the risks as is hiding in foreign languages. SYSTRAN helps minimize the risk hiding in foreign languages by allowing you to understand what is happening and what is being said instantaneously. For example, if your man on the frontlines today sends text messages in Chinese, using Chinese slang, can you figure out the intentions of the message? Those are the use case of SYSTRAN solution. There are many use cases of SYSTRAN and FCPA is just one. Curious to learn about real-life use cases on this topic? Subscribe to our Podcast.
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